Congratulations on joining your new family. Please use it as a regular part of your signature, and on your mailbox and letterheads and so on. Your new, wonderful name was selected randomly, and was not intended as a comment on your character or appearance or past. If you do not like your new name, please do not reload the page to try for a different one. It would not be fair; you are assigned the name you get after the first time you click.

Feel free to help your new family members by doing such things as watering their houseplants while they are away, mailing a letter for them, keeping them company on a scary visit to the doctor, or by visiting them in a jail or a hospital. Of course, you are not limited to these actions, so be creative and help out.


*A note on the middle names:

It was hard to organize a list of 1600 random flowers, fruits, fish and chemicals, so you may notice certain format oddities with your assigned name. In order to create a more standardized system of nomenclature, please alter your name in the following ways ONLY if the corresponding errors occur:

-If there is any erroneous punctuation (such as asterisks, quotation marks, or parantheses) please remove this from your official name.

-Some names are given with the scientific or alternate versions of the name. While it is handy to keep these in mind, please only use the common English name (omit the scientific name), and if more than one common name is given use the first one. If you have any really hard questions, email me.

For example: I was given the name *Gypsum (calcium sulfate) -18, so I simplified it to just Gypsum- 18