I currently serve as an Assistant Professor at the National University of Singapore in the Communications and New Media Department.


I continue my Digital Naturalism research targeting these specific areas:

Selected Publications

Exhibitions / Talks

Workshops / Residencies / Expeditions

  • Zero1 and US Embassay. American Arts Ambassador for the Philippines. (2016)
  • Quitmeyer, Wearable Computing Center. “Wearables in the Wild: US” (2015)
  • Quitmeyer, Perner-Wilson, Cal Academy. “Hacking the Wild: Madagascar” (2015)
  • Quitmeyer, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute. “Hiking Hack Panama” (2014)
  • Signalfire, “Wolf: Apache Wilderness,” [Artists’ Residency]. (2014)
  • Swarts, Ntl. University of Singapore. “Augmented Sensory Workshop”, (2014)
  • ASU, Nanotechnology Winter School. (2013)