Jun 192012

Teague O’Mara talk: Teague is testing information sharing within colonies of bats. The bat is Peter’s tent making bat. They chew big leaves in a certain way that turns them into little pup-tents. His experiment:

  1. See if bats change their food preference by odor transfer within the roost.
  2. See if they assess the information quality within roost

A lot of this experimentation takes the form of having well fed bats in a colony that smell normal, and having unfed bats in the colony that are doused with a particular candy scent. I told him about the experiment I heard about where they inflate bats’ stomachs to make them appear full to others, but in reality they starve. Then when they ask for food, the colony shuns them.


Mike Ryan talk: -Sex is the biggest force in evolution. Gamete size is the main difference in sexes across all species. This is the most basic polymorphism. Advanced polymorphism is male animals being super different from each other. Like these zebra fish. Big fish show off to get the ladies. Small fish do “sneak mating.” -> sneak is a biologist euphemism for rape. Smaller fish are even better rapists than larger ones that try. Small males don’t have bigger balls, but longer lasting sperm.   Tungra frogs: add syllables to vocal calls to be more attractive. Ladies love the multi-syllabic frogs. Multi-syllabic frogs get eaten more. -Second talk discussing gigantism!   Idea———————————————- | Port experimental animal behavior data directly into social networks. Set facebook accounts which automatically update for each animal. Convert scientific metrics to FB conventions to help the average public gain a more engaging understanding of animal behavior recorded in “scientist code.” e.g. -When 2 bats mate, their status become “married” – “Juan (Bat 78) likes a post by FEEDER STATION 23 -“JORGE was tagged in a photo by CAMERATRAP 72” -“BEN and SALLY are in an ‘it’s complicated’ relationship

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