Aug 282013
Light Up Wolf Medallion

I was commissioned by the University of Illinois to design and handcraft over 600 medallions as part of Deke Weaver’s Unreliable Bestiary performance project, “Wolf.” Flickr Documentation Here is the instructable which can explain how you can build your own:

Aug 062010
This Site

..let’s get all recursive   Past iterations  

Apr 212010
Visage: A Face-U-Mentary

Visage: A Face-U-Mentary   scroll down for more info click for larger version      

Mar 212010

Logo for New Media corporation, Counter.TV    

Mar 212010

View the Presentation Demo Script – Transient Interface Mockup You just hopped off a train in Atlanta and found your way to a public computer terminal near Georgia Tech. You direct your browser to Transient’s web site. Your location is determined automatically through Google’s MyLocation Service (using Wi-Fi or IP information), and a customized Google map Applet is brought up with location sensitive information.   1. Mark the train you hopped off by selecting the “Mark Train” Tab     a. navigate the map to the train tracks, and place your icon in the desired location     b. choose the direction that the train was headed by dragging the arrow near […more]

Mar 062010
Urban Crabs

Meditation on storytelling in the form of a visual, interactive “crab-canon”   new window    

Feb 212010

Meditation on interaction, video, and loops. Rub to coerce tortoise. Complete loop.  

Sep 062009
Subprime Design

Interactive visual design for an economic crisis timeline.  

Aug 262009
Hot Dogs and Sex

Information visualization project comparing U.S. hot dog sales with sex, drugs, and crime statistics. view all

Dec 062007
Album Design

Designed the jacket and inner artwork for JPOMs album, Fold the bean in Half

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