First Academic Conference

First day of my first Academic Conference! Weirdly laid back conference. Everyone’s in shorts and loose shirts. Topics are
AI conferences seem odd in that there is a huge spectrum that individuals seem to cover between theory and practice. At one end, I spoke with some german researchers about several diagrams of crazy just-pure-math, probabilistic conditionals and the rules governing translations from different state spaces. Their chart looked like this:unnerving in that way akin to the hardest of science. Much research in AI seems to be focused on using CGI monsters from the depths of the uncanny valley to stop real humans from trying to kill themselves.


On the other end of the spectrum, were applications so embedded in shear practicality. Using AI to determine optimal shared conditions for a thermostat.


Drove back up to for Myers to pick up Dr. H. She’s always fun to hang around. It’s pretty adorable how opposite her and Dr. B’s personalities are!

Ate cheeses and chatted with AI people. Met Tucker’s old student Gita.

Got my GoPro camera submerged in water, sea water, totally destroyed. It was great talking to kitty on the phone, which made up for the lost brand new camera.