First Wild Ant Captures

5/31/12| ——– 11:30 AM Testing capturing footage of leafcutter ants outside the schoolhouse. Filming under a short tree is not a good idea. This tree is full of thousands of small biting ants, and everytime I am filled with the desire to change focus, exposure values, I accidentally stand up fully and the shirt refills itself with ants.

My stated goal for coming here is to capture difficult footage of uncommon species on natural locations for testing computer vision tracking. I have to pick and move branches and leaves away from the ant trail. In a way, it makes me think about my job as cheating for computer vision. Shooting more GoPro footage. I hope it turns out. Hang GoPro upside-down from ant tree. Camera sets are covered in ants. Plastic is a fantastic substance! Animals can’t figure it out. They don’t know what to do with it. About to do some Dual DSLR testing. Realized that I could photograph my Journal entries to preserve them in case of destruction or loss.



More Pics from the day before