End of the Road

Ummat gave us a ride as far as we could go on pipeline. The goal for the day is to walk back in order to make it to the talk at 4pm. 11-12km down the road, trees had fallen across the road from the storms last night. Saw Howlers, Filmed. One had hideous growths coming out of its neck. Ummat says that it’s bot flies.

Saw first (and ultimately only) Coati walking down the road. These creatures must not have good vision, or their cognitive processing is far more overloaded by smell. It walked up directly to us sniffing around, and it seems that it only turned to run, once it actually caught our scent. Same reports were heard from ummat the day before about his coati experience.


Hiking with Peter and his dad. Those two seem to have the sweetest relationship. Adventuring around together and having a blast. Testing filming ants crawling on cecropias. Trees seem to be the cleanest spots to film in the forest, but pose other interesting geometrica challenges.


That smell coming from the Azteca ants has been disturbing us with its familiarity. We nail it down to the smell of nail polish remover, or acetone. I wanted to film the Azteca’s defense response, but they had already been provoked. Their response seems fatigued. Perhaps it needs to recharge?

So many blue morphos flying about, forcing realizations that yes, one is in a wonderful jungle paradise. One actually lands on me and hangs out for a while.

Someone says that cecropia trees actually move throughout the day. We discuss tracking their movements via time-lapse.

I kept petting what I thought was a nice fuzzy leaf stuck to my kneepad. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH