Serendipitous City Partying | Collecting TreeAnts



Stephen Pratt arrived today. Just as super nice and helpful as always! Bought and brought me waterproof boots and got Peter some extra collection vials and SD Cards.  Right now, they are out dealing with headquarters in Panama City. I’m out all day in the field.


Last Saturday|

—————— went with Ummat into Oleoducto and 3D filmed some chubby ants. Found a gargantuan bee crawling and flying.  Thought it was a tarantula at first. Back into town at 1. Relaxed with other scientists by sneaking into the hotel’s luxury pool featuring a swimmup bar and hot dogs.

Feeling euphoric all day. the jungle was misty and brimming with creatures. Went to catch the 5:30 bus into Panama City. It fails to show. Taxi man pulls up, says bus is broken. I say I don’t beleive him. We haggle until I get an $8.00 fare for the 50 minute ride to the city. I wander serendipitously into Casco Viejo (the part of town I was meeting our friends). Fantasmo BBQ tuna was served off the balcony of a crazy apartment. Ginger and Coconut Ice cream to follow. Dance so hard that everyone in the club stops to cheer me on. Seriously.

Down 4:10 Up 9:00  Slept on roof. Came back on bus with 88 people and 22 seats.


Power nap and then Cecropia filming with Peter.

Decide to look at cutaway for filming. Leads us to WANT TO COLLECT a live colony. First try with just cutting a tree open in the parking lot. Went poorly.


Ants everywhere. Pain (annoying pain) everywhere. Lost the queen.

2nd try was more thought out: Chop Tree at base. Toss into truck [andy has to hold in truck with barehands -not as well thought out of a part]. Race home. Layout sheet on ground [Andy waits for Peter to get sheet while holding swarming ant tree-again not as well thought out]. Chop tree into small bits on the sheet. Cut off leaves. Wrap in sheet. Toss in garbage bags. Toss in mini-fridge for 1/2 hour to calm them down. Pull out one stick at a time. Run downstairs to other sheet. Cut up. Aspirate into tefloned bowl.




Went to talk on Barro Colorado Island (BCI). Apparently huge river systems, like the Mississippi or Chattahoochee basins are now more of humongous highly controlled public utilities. Scientists, regulators and politicians fight to adjust flow metrics in specific parts. It’s weird coming to panama to hear a whole speech about the Chattahoochee.