Before I even got here, the scientists in this strange vibrant community were already coming up with great ideas for experiential performances involving the animals.


Walking through the jungle, all naturalists are randomly struck by the impromtu passing of a brilliant blue morpho fluttering by. Now they will be physically struck also! An adaptation of the traditional “punch – buggy” or “slug-bug” games, this is a new tradition that Ummat started doing which serves a fun recognition ritual for an event that is commonplace but unpredictable.


Drunk Natural History

Based on the “Drunk History” concept by Derek Waters at FunnyorDie , several of the people in gamboa have apparently been discussing recording descriptions of animal behavior by inebriated scientists, and then going out in the field and recreating these performances. FunnyorDie’s popular original concept could provide an excellent framework for reflexive performances since  a) it has a readily understandable script for action and b) can serve as a productive use of leisure time.

This could be quite like Rossellini’s Green Porno series but perhaps sillier than strange.

Experimental Solidarity

Toni, one of the Bat-girls working under Rachel Page, was talking about a 24 – hour observation experiment she was going to have to do with her bats. Since this was also going to be such an endurance feat on the human’s part she also wanted a way to document and experiment upon herself. She does not have all the details decided yet, but really wants to submit herself to the same sort of tests that the bats are undergoing during this test. For instance while the bat was being kept awake and subjected to mazes at regular intervals, she was going to time herself playing a “memory”  game with cards.


Rock in the Jungle

Peter Marting’s band, Ptarmigan is actually slated to have a performance here on june 15 (which unfortunately I will be gone for). This is due to a lucky coincidence of his fellow band-mates coming down to visit in combination with an open-mike night.