Monthly Archives: August 2013

Leaf 5 Lover

In wrapping up my 2013 field season, I challenged my partner Peter Marting to express his research as a performative love story. In just a week, we managed to put together a 30-minute play featuring dozens of actors and audience collaborators, costumes, and an 18 foot long Leaf Cutter ant puppet.



Input / Output Examples

In June 2013 I held a small workshop to demonstrate simple devices that scientists could use in the field for sensing or acting within environments.


Robotic Woodpecker / Flick-O-Matic - In my Gamboa 2012 field session, Peter and I were discussing means of calibrating his initial assays, and also creating new ways of interacting with the plant ants that we were unable to do a simple humans, kicking and poking the trees. As an early very exploratory project, I built a simple, arduino-controlled robotic woodpecker. […]