Transcontinental Hiking / Hack Announcement

We are recruiting field biologists for the upcoming Transcontinental Hiking / Hack. This will be a 9 day hiking workshop through the Panamanian forest going from the Atlantic to the Pacific taking place from June 26-July 5 2014.

The primary goals of the project are to:

  • Design technology for studying animal behavior in situ.
  • Conduct a Basic Biodiversity Survey of the Area.
  • Raise ecological awareness

Chosen Applicants will be compensated with:

  • Free Food
  • Transportation for individuals already located in Gamboa Panama to the start of the Trail, and from the end of the trail back to Gamboa. (You need to arrange your own means of getting to Panama).
  • Electronics
  • Training in basic programming, physical computing, sensor creation, and interaction design

Applicants will be responsible for:

  • Helping design and carry out the scientific survey
  • Documenting the Trip
  • Carrying Gear
  • Participating in the proper training before the trip (Meetings, emails / 1 workshop in Gamboa, Panama)
  • Participating in the mobile workshops during the trip
  • Participating in a documentation workshop after the trip


We have 2-3 slots available. Anyone is welcome to apply by emailing: . Put “Hiking/Hack” in the subject line, and describe why you wish to join our crew.

This is part of my own research in what I call “Digital Naturalism.” I seek to understand how we can develop technology with scientists for the study of animal behavior in natural environments. I seek to design technology for the full ethological process, from early open-ended exploration, to rigorous experimentation, to embodied and interactive dissemination.

Any further questions, please let me know!