PhotoSphere – Matt

Part of the experience of hiking in the wild is the dramatic flow of changes in light as you move through the forest. To capture part of this experience we created a cap with photo sensors on it to record the changes in light patterns as we walk. The cap was made before we left for the wilderness.


[image of cap]

We created the PhotoSphere with 16 photo-resistors meticulously sewn into the cap. Each photo-resistor needed a 1000 ohm resistor as a voltage divider to be able to extract the voltage changes. A typical Arduino only has 6 analog analog-to-digital converters (ADC). We used an Arduion Mega instead, which has 16 ADCs.

[image of photo resistor circuit diagram]


[image of closeup of conductive thread]

[image of wire with loop]


[image of all loops connecting to wires]


[image of closeup of sewing mega into the

[image of the rtc sd logger shield]


[image of closeup of connector wires]

[image of windows error message for device driver not working]




-Written by Matthew Swarts