Here are creatures that Digital Naturalism has done projects with already (we always hope to have more!):


The organism with which Digital Naturalism has most closely collaborated. Along with  Peter Marting, Stephen Pratt, Marc Seid, Brian Fisher, and other Myrmecologists, Digital Naturalism has gotten to play with many families of different ants.

The one’s we worked with the most were:

  • Azteca
  • Atta (Leaf Cutter)
  • Aphaenogaster (Desert Ants)
  • Temnothorax
  • Eciton (Army)


Informal and formal research with bees. Whether of the Honey, Bumble, Carpenter, or Stingless -type, Bees are always fascinating to work with.


Worked closely with Rachel Page’s Bat Lab in Panama.


Helped to set up a tracking system with