Digital Naturalism’s research was originally formulated as Andrew Quitmeyer’s PhD thesis for Georgia Tech’s Digital media program.


This dissertation creates a pragmatic framework for designing digital media to support the intrinsic values of scientists studying animal behavior in the wild. It does this by grounding the research in the history and present day research of ethologists, and testing out digital design methods with them. It was sucessfully defended on August 04, 2015.

Illustrated Overview (Download PDF):

Digital Naturalism – Theory and Guidelines by Andrew Quitmeyer

Full Thesis (Download PDF):

Digital Naturalism: Designing A Digital Media Framework To Support Ethological Exploration by Andrew Quitmeyer

 Chapter Breakdown

  1. Introduction
  2. Background of Ethology
  3. Background of Digital Behavioral Media
  4. Thesis and Research Proposal
  5. Approach
  6. Current Ethological Values
  7. Ethologists’ Current Use of Digital Media
  8. Digital-Ethological Design Framework
  9. Evaluation: Hiking Hacks Panama and Madagascar
  10. Conclusion
  11. Appendix

The Book and Alternates [In Progress]

I am working on more accessible versions of the thesis available in multiple formats

  • Digital Copy (PDF)
  • Analog Copy (Bounded Paperback)
  • Digital Naturalism The Book [Coming Later]
  • Cybiotic Copy (Bounded in a custom digitally interactive ant habitat (coming later))
  • Music Video¬†(Coming Soon)