Jan 302017
"Hacking the Wild" TV Show

I will be starring in a new Television series created for Discovery Networks called “Hacking the Wild.” It’s based loosely on my work during “Hiking Hacks” where I build interactive electronics entirely in the wilderness. The show airs on the Science Channel in the US start February 15, 2017. This first season features work inspired by my PhD research into Digital Naturalism put into play as “survival” tools for building technology in the wilderness.We spent 6 months filming the show in different locations from tropical islands, to swamps, to glaciers! Watch episodes here! https://www.sciencechannelgo.com/hacking-the-wild/

Jan 302017
Waterspace: Floating Makerspace in Philippines

In the Spring of 2016, I served as the American Arts Ambassador with the US State Department and ZERO1. The goal is to launch projects that support environmental health via technological with the community in Dumaguete (a town on the Island of Negros in the Philippines). There I headed up several initiatives and workshops targeting citizen science, environmental cleanup, interactive art, data visualization, and novel recycling methods. I also led the video and print documentation teams working to share these ideas. Overall, this massive project was a non-stop whirlwind of activity with dozens of core participants resulting in a mesh of cultural, technological, and environmental intersections. This How-to article gives detailed […more]

Dec 312015
Silc Circuits: Conductive Silicone

I created a new type of DIY conductive rubber. I openly published all the details along with several projects to get designers imaginations pumping.

Dec 212015
PhD Expedition in Make Magazine

Our Madagascar Hiking Hack was highlighted in the recent Make Magazine article about Makers and Explorers . Full online article here: http://makezine.com/2015/10/20/4-ways-amateurs-are-advancing-maker-style-exploration/

Nov 282015
American Art Ambassador (Philippines 2016)

I was lucky to be elected the American Art Ambassador to the Philippines by the US State Department in conjunction with Zero1 Art and Technology Network. The goal is to lead new media workshops to foster environmental awareness and utilization of local crafting techniques. As they state: The selected U.S. artists team up with youth and underserved populations, through country-based partnerships, to inspire creative ideas for community engagement through art programs.American Arts Incubator awards microgrants to community-driven digital media or mural arts projects proposed by artist teams who reside in each overseas community. I will be in the Philippines throughout Spring 2016 running various projects and documenting the work.

Nov 282015
Wearable Studio Practice

From our experiences hacking in the wild, Hannah Perner Wilson and I have started building wearable portable infrastructure for hacking. Some quick examples we presented at Ubicomp 2015 and exhibited at Ars Electronica 2015 Wearable Studio Examples – Ubicomp 2015 from Andrew Quitmeyer More details right now on her post: http://www.plusea.at/?p=5385

Jan 132015
Madagascar Dissemination Lab

Dr. Brian Fisher and I have launched “Dissemination Lab.” An exploratory project to design new forms of sharing biological fieldwork using digital DIY technology. We will also be joined by Hannah Perner-Wilson, the badass hacker and e-textiler! Check it out for more info! The journey will include another Hiking Hack to a mountain in the south of the Island! We start February 13, 2015! http://www.fisherlab.org/dissemination-lab.html

Dec 142014
Comingle wins Grand Prixx

Our new Dildo platform won a Grand Prixx award at Arse Elektronika https://www.comingle.io/  

Jan 062014
Digital Naturalism featured at MLA 2014

http://dtc-wsuv.org/wp/mla14-critical-making/ The Digital Naturalism project, “Living Lightning” was selected as a Critical Making project to be discussed at Chicago’s Modern Language Association 2014  conference.

Dec 032013
Standing Tree Desk

Here’s a tool I made for writing my dissertation in the field.

Nov 232013
Living Lightning Firefly Project

  Critical Making workshop teaching basic physical computing skills while also exploring the biological system of Photinus pyralis and Pyrophorus noctilucus lightning beetles.   Presented at Critical Making forum: The Digital Naturalism project, “Living Lightning” was selected as a Critical Making project to be discussed at Chicago’s Modern Language Association 2014  conference. http://dtc-wsuv.org/wp/mla14-critical-making/  

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