Nov 062013
Digital Media Analogue Retreat III

On November 1, I held our third annual “Analogue Retreat” in the woods for people from my digital media program. It gave us a chance to discuss digital design outside the traditional structures built into most digital media. It also offered first hand encounters for envisioning technology use in new natural contexts. One of the highlights was using our laser pen, some duct tape, and a syringe to create a projection microscope for playing with shadow puppets and microbes! Full set:

Oct 062013
Cybiotic Interaction Class

For Fall 2013, I was permitted to create my own interaction design class for undergraduates. Following my research, we explore interactive feedback systems between digital and biological behaviors. We will cover user-centered and scenario-based design techniques, wireframing, performative prototyping and the Arduino as a prototyping platform. We will create cybiotic interfaces, which couple sensing/input with actions/output between digital and living systems. Class Documentation Website

Aug 282013
Light Up Wolf Medallion

I was commissioned by the University of Illinois to design and handcraft over 600 medallions as part of Deke Weaver’s Unreliable Bestiary performance project, “Wolf.” Flickr Documentation Here is the instructable which can explain how you can build your own:

Aug 022013
DM Analogue Retreat II

DM Analogue Retreat II, a set on Flickr. This is a test of sharing from Flickr

Jun 042013
Digital Naturalism

  I have been working diligently on getting up the website for my PhD research project in “Digital Naturalism.” Here is where I will be posting even more blog posts and updates about my current field research in Panama. visit to see it all!

Apr 152013
Legacy Award

I recently received the Ivan Allen College Legacy Award. The Legacy Awards honor faculty and students whose lives and work embody the spirit of Mayor Allen. 2013 winners were announced at the Founder’s Day Awards Celebratory Program March 13. The awards are supported through the generosity of Col. Stephen and Mrs. Pamela Hall. I will get to use this money to partially fund my research trip to panama over the summer!

Feb 282013
Paint Pulse Wins Instructables Grand Prize

My instructable for our DWIG project, Paint Pulse, just won the Instructables Design Challenge Grand Prize. This prize comes with a new EOS M camera, Macbook, and our very own LASER CUTTER!

Feb 282013
Discovery Channel features "Paint Pulse"

  The Discovery Channel’s segment, “Daily Planet” recently featured one of the project’s I worked on for DWIG, Paint Pulse. Check out the video (and see some weird guy telling you to get DIGIT@l)!

Jan 302013
BoingBoing features Magnetic Ant Painting

BoingBoing discovered a funny video I created last semester when experimenting with my Magnetic Ant Paint:

Dec 282012
Ant Plants

In Panama with my jungle partner, Peter Marting, I created a short documentary about the strange, symbiotic relationship between Cecropia trees and Azteca ants.

Dec 282012
Digital Reading List

The weapons of the digital academic are: A bookscanner Scantailor (opensource software) Calibre (opensource software) A hacked nook Determination for searchable, comment-able digital information The program in which I am pursuing my PhD is quite loosely structured, allowing for an unparalleled amount of freedom. We do have a few basic requirements, such as creating your own reading list, getting it approved by a collection of academic scholars of your own selection, reading through all the books, and taking oral and written day-long examinations concerning the topics.  How one student determines to complete this task, however, is typically up to him or her. My goal with this requirement is to freely […more]

Dec 282012
Paint Pulse

For one of our main projects in the Digital World and Image Group, we created an artifact for digital / physical electromagnetic water painting. Inspired by the ancient Turkish marbling technique, Ebru (“Cloud Painting”), and the Japanese technique suminagashi, we developed digital tools, such as an electromagnetic stylus, rake to manipulate the design of floating magnetic paints.  

Dec 282012
Bio-Inspired Design

In Fall 2012 I was able to join Georgia Tech’s Center for Biologically Inspired Design to participate in their interdisciplinary course. The experimental class brings together biologists, engineers and physical scientists who seek to facilitate research and education for innovative products and techniques based on biologically-inspired design solutions. The participants of CBID believe that science and technology are increasingly hitting the limits of approaches based on traditional disciplines, and Biology may serve as an untapped resource for design methodology, with concept-testing having occurred over millions of years of evolution. Projects Pascobots – Desert Ant navigation and maple seed dispersion inspires a system design for rapid environmental surveying Report PDF Presentation […more]

Dec 012012
Puppeting Principal Components

As a first prototype for part of our Aquarium Project, David Stolarsky is heading up a program where we calculate principle components of some arbitrary training data (Tucker’s semaphore poses), and the computers attempts at reconstructing the original scene from the new data (me wiggling) are mapped to C’s E’s and G’s to sonify a Chord in Pure Data.

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