Oct 282012

    To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Graphics, Visualization and Usability (GVU) Center at Georgia Tech, several large-scale interactive artworks will be presented, including Ascent. Ascent is meant to evoke the spectacle of World’s Fairs’ hot-air balloon flights, as well as reflect the dynamic nature of current innovative research in the GVU Center, all with a spirit of fun and adventure. A cluster of weather balloons tethered above the Technology Square Research Building (TSRB) is outfitted with a bundle of video cameras moving up and down the balloon line, capturing a 360-degree video panorama of Midtown Atlanta. The video panorama of the city is displayed inside a single elevator in TSRB.

Sep 162012
LocalFlux Interview

Joshua from Localflux interviewed me about my work: http://localflux.net/PostView.aspx?id=135

Sep 042012
Ants Secret Code - Reveal

Earlier, I posted a video of leafcutter ants claiming that it contained a secret code. Well it’s true! Here’s how to crack the code, and how I encoded my messages in the first place.   Deciphering The astute observer may take note that the ants carrying leaves only travel in one direction (towards the nest). In fact, this is the entire underpinning to the code. When I presented the puzzle to my lab, the response I got that was closest to correct was from Prof. Tucker Balch who stated that the first thing he would do is “chart the number of leaf carriers visible in each frame over time and look […more]

Sep 042012
Leafcutter Ants Secret Code

The video below contains a secret message: I’ll reveal the secret and how to figure it out on Tuesday, so you’ll have all of Labor day weekend to ponder. First one to email me with the correct answer gets a prize (don’t email the whole list- serve and ruin the fun!). First one to email me with how to arrive at the correct answer gets mild applause 🙂 ——————————- Hint 1: To work with the video, it may be easier to download it all at once. Just pop the link into http://www.savevid.com/ Hint 2: (don’t use the hint unless you have to!): This video is slightly easier to decipher:

Aug 172012
Magnetic Insect Testing

Not sure if people have been doing this for dozens of years in the insect world already (maybe this is common practice?), but I just ran some successful tests on an idea I had that I think could lead to some fun experiments. I was reading the fantastic book, The Ants, and they were discussing how one of the interesting characteristics of working with superorganisms is that you can non-destructively turn them into mutants. Regular organisms tend to permanently change when you drastically alter them. You cannot do a quick test with an ape to see how it behaves differently if you remove its liver, or chop off its arm, […more]

Aug 032012
Nitinol Weave

Hair inserts which incorporate triggerable memory wire.

Aug 032012
Armed Robbery Computer Vision Help

Our department kept getting contacted by the campus police asking if we can basically do the “zoom-enhance” that you see in the movies. Nobody responded, but they kept asking. Finally I volunteered to look at it, though I know nothing about any video enhancement algorithms. They had a handful of pics from where the people broke into the dorms, and some really horribly compressed video from a gas station. I basically ended up using photoshop and after effects to just supply them with some cropped and expanded mugshots, but the ones from the video were so bad, I doubt it’s helpful at all. Though as one professor put it about […more]

Aug 032012
DIY Bookscanner Building | CNC

Since I’m still near the beginning of my PhD, and about to take on my reading list,  I decided I need a proper system for searching the text I read and keep digitized notes. I need a bookscanner. A badass, non-destructive one. If I’m going to be reading thousands of pages of material, i need a good way to keep it ready and at hand. Plus, I am a DIGITAL MEDIA MAJOR. So I’ve been looking into them for the past year, but they are EXPENSIVE. One awesome guy, Daniel Reetz (http://diybookscanner.org/), shows how people can build their own, but the design is still very complicated and expensive. He sells […more]

Jul 292012

I am the lead researcher on several scientific biotracking projects at Georgia Tech  

Jul 292012

  Subway is a participatory multi-located activist art project. It builds on the mediation of a dance performance by breaking a video apart into its image frames; creating a photo app in Android to re-use these frames as guides for a frame-by-frame reenactment; and finally reassembling the collected images into a new video. Through the affordances of digital and mobile media, it allowed participants in New York and Teheran to create a shared dance performance as digital activist art. Papers and performances relating to our Subway dance project have been accepted to ArtsIT, The Activism Technology Demo Day, and ISEA.  

Jun 222012
Final Pipeline | Soft Metrics

Last serious trip on Pipeline. What am I filming? The road. Camera pointed down the road. Regular and HDR video. Could be used for detecting Blue Morphos, but also sitting with and observing this slice through the forrest.   First thought is just boring. Dead forrest with an occasional jungle truck or Blue Morpho. But there are some decent soft metrics one could probably pull from this. This constant, jungle monitoring camera. Daily weather patterns, wind, leaves falling, sounds, tree movement, general movement along transect, traffic patterns.   Chased butterflies. Figured out how to make Hamatam army-ants retreat. It was a different day knowing that these probes and pokes would […more]

Jun 212012
Ants Love Human Blood | Termite Rebuilding

6/21/2012 Let’s hurry up and get some facts down. Quick for memory. Early to bed. Up at 7:30 but not going till 9. K_____ Just went to cecropia lot for last bits of footage, sugar water testing and termite rebuildings. Turns out they can rebuild one of these tunnels within an hour. Long-ish lunch discussing experimental ideas for Peter with Stephen. Back to parking lot. Tested whether ants prefered the taste of human blood over sugar water. They really seemed to like the blood. Met with Yann returning from San Blas. ———– Wanted to go to Bambi talk. It’s impressive how organized biologist are in this STRI commune. (http://www.stri.si.edu/english/about_stri/seminars/index.php) The […more]

Jun 202012
Long Day | DIY BioCraft Talk

6/20/2012 (recorded 6/22) Long part of 2 day-long day. Down at 330, Up at 5:30 for canopy tower visit. Saw blue cotinga.   All girls were super tired. They left to go sleep. I stayed in jungle for work. More army ants. Found em, experimented with them. They were raiding leaf cutters. Pipeline road serves as a decent permanent transect. Elucidates animals corssing through the forrest. Made it back (walking) around 1:30. Ate changed, prepped for my talk. Lots of mad rushing around. All the parts and projectors and arduinos i needed were somewhere else. The talk was a huge success though! Biologists seem easily impressed by decent presenting and […more]

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