Andrew Quitmeyer

Curriculum Vitae

Ingeniero Multimedial

is a polymath adventurer focusing on discovering new means of exploring and sharing our world. A fascination with science, nature, and the unknown lead him to his current work, designing digital tools for biological research and expression. 


Georgia Institute of Technology

Ph.D. Digital Naturalism (current)

M.S. Digital Media

2009 - Present

My research straddles the divide between the typically quantitative realms of computer science and biology and the more experiential realms of digital performance. Under the concept, "Digital Naturalism," I hope to develop techniques, tools, and artifacts for engaging with complex environments, capturing and analyzing contextual, dense information, and expressing ideas in powerful new ways.

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

B.S. Industrial Engineering [Highest Honors]

B.A. Film Theory and Production [Campus Honors]

2004 - 2008

Specialized in large system problem solving, new media and performance.

Illinois Math and Science Academy

2001 - 2004

Selected to attend this public boarding school for academically talented students.

Experiencia Profesional

Multi-Agent Robotics and Systems Lab

Lead Software Designer/Documentarian/Insect Wrangler

2010 - Present

Designed and programmed biotracking software for numerous scientific and artistic projects. Also, creator of animal-specific research design documentaries.


Official Documentarian


Filmed interviews and created a series of documentaries from the world robot soccer competition in Istanbul.

Stupid Fun Club

Researcher / Designer


Designed digital and physical toys, television, and video games at Will Wright's Berkeley think-tank.

Synlab - Embodied Digital Creativity

Research Assistant

2009 - 2010

Lead programmer studying links between body movements and cognition using novel tangible and embodied interfaces. Published in TEI and Fun and Games.

Foreign Language School - Shenzhen, China

Science, English, and Media Educator

2008 - 2009

Head designer of experimental new, participatory and multi-media curricula for
elementary school students in Shenzhen, China

Chinese Storytelling Studio

Founder, Director

2008 - 2009

Developed English and media skills of school children in China

Biographical Study of Moritz Thomsen



Interviewed remote villagers in Esmeraldas, Ecuador about the life and works of
the late Peace Corps author

Cartoon Network - [adultswim]

Production Intern


Worked on animations at all production levels of program development.

The Storytelling Studio

Creator, Director, Educator


Founded children's workshop to promote media literacy and participatory learning. Also produced versions in Ecuador and China to fight against child labor.

Rincon Del Relato

Founder, Director


Developed multimedia and transmedia communication skills in children to fight child labor in Quito, Ecuador.

Family Resiliency Center

Media Specialist


Worked on animations at all production levels of program developmen

Matt McClure, Professional Magician

Magician's Assistant


The Canopy Club



The City Museum, St. Louis

Activity Coordinator/Art Instructor/Security



Graphic/Web Designer


Math Explorers / Art a la Carte

Creator, Instructor


Created and taught math and art -themed summer camps for children


Continental Datalabel - Engineering Senior Design

Lead Programmer, Video Specialist


Designed and implemented machine vision error detection systems.

Krannert Performing Arts Center - "Metamorphoses"

Media Director


Crafted and controlled narrative and ambient animations that served as a live, interactive backdrop for the theatrical performance.

Entrepreneurial Engineering



Worked on design and development of new children's toys.

Experimental Music and Video Creation

Official Scientific Inquiry - IMSA


Researched and formed an experimental rock band, supported with the creation
of a collection of music videos and a historical documentary.

Botanical Survey of Midwestern Regions



Leader of biological survey team for IMSA and the University of Iowa

Lista de publicaciones

  • "Ant Hunt: Towards a Validated Model of Live Ant Hunting Behavior." FLAIRS (2012)
  • "Documatic: Participatory, Mobile Shooting Assistant, Pre-Editor, and Groundwork for Semi-Automatic Filmmaking." EuroITV (2012)
  • "I'm in the game: embodied puppet interface improves avatar control." Tangible, Embedded, and Embodied Interaction (2011), pp. 129–13
  • Recognizing Self in Puppet Controlled Virtual Avatars." Fun and Games (2010)


  • Adventuresome, intelligent, adaptable, and creative.
  • Talent for teaching and communicating through any medium.
  • Versatile programming background in QBasic, Android, C++, Processing, PHP.
  • Working fluency in Mandarin Chinese; some Spanish and French.
  • Extensive training in professional design tools, particularly:
    Abobe's entire Creative Suite, Final Cut Pro, Reason, Fruity Loops, Flash, Watchout, AutoCAD, Eclipse, Laser Cutters, 3D printers


  • Recognizing Self in Puppet Controlled Virtual Avatars" accepted to Fun and Games 2010
  • "I'm in the Game: Embodied Puppet Interface Improves Avatar Control" accepted to TEI 2011
  • Four-time recipient of full-tuition, General Assembly Scholarship for academic excellence
  • Recipient of the Robert Byrd Academic Scholarship, Opal Meyers Academic Scholarship
  • Dean's List every semester at the University of Illinois
  • Official selection: New York International Film Festival, DRIP Digital Media Festival (Headliner), Stirfry Student Film Festival, Chicago Future Filmmakers Festival (Winner CCTV Award - Outstanding Chicago Production)
  • Original works featured on Seasons 3-5 of Cartoon Network's Aqua Teen Hunger Force DVDs
  • Accepted to the 2007 Transnational East Asian Film Seminar at Indiana University